September 2009

Martial Arts at The Boy's Day Out

The day couldn’t have been better. A beautiful spring day, a well organized event in a huge field with a demograph that totally suited martial arts. Here we were at the “Boys Day Out”, an annual event which gathers together all manner of pursuits, toys and interests that fellas get in to; from Harley’s and Tanks, to drinking beer, rock music and Bikini Babes.

This gave us an awesome opportunity to demonstrate the martial arts systems that we train at the Academy. Throughout the day we worked out, talked to people and demonstrated swordsmanship, stick fighting, knife fighting, reality based self defence, Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial arts.

Although all demos drew great crowds the most popular were the knife fighting, Muay Thai and Mixed martial arts Demonstrations, with continuous sparring throughout the day keeping interest.

Some of the highlights of the day were the winner of the Bikini Babes competition doing a bit of Muay Thai sparring with me and knocking me out for the camera, Dan from the Erin Simpson Show dropping by for a self defence lesson on how to fight with the “Slam Man” (me in the Bullet man suit), smashing and kneeing me in the groin and head to put me into the ground, and a kung fu practitioner challenging us.

The challenge was very predictable and did not end well for the kung fu, shaolin kenpo “expert”. His first fight against one of my BJJ blue belts ended in less than a minute after being quickly taken to the ground, pounded in the mount and finished with an armbar.

He insisted on another, so he fought one of the young Thai boxers (17 years old) who gave him a lesson in how to fight. I had to stop the match after about 2 minutes as he could barely stand – from the leg kick damage – and was being repeatedly hit with right hands to the head.

When are these classical martial artists going to learn! In Muay Thai, MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we train for fighting. We did not wish to do this but when we are repeatedly hassled we must respond.

There was huge interest in mixed martial arts with a great audience that were clearly educated on what MMA was about as they really appreciated the total game that we demonstrated and were keen observers of the sparring matches that we held throughout the day.

I real appreciated the well organized event that the “Boys Day Out” people ran and thank them for giving us this opportunity to demonstrate our martial arts of Muay Thai, Stick fighting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

Adrenal Stress Training Value in Self Defense

Last Sunday I once again had the great pleasure to run another F.A.S.T self defense course at the Academy. Although I finish the courses completely drained physically and mentally it is always a very satisfying experience for me when I get to the last hour and the students, most of who have never learned any martial arts or ever been in a serious fight, get to practice the strikes and techniques we have taught them at full force on myself and colleague, Adam, when we attack them in our Bullet men suits.

I have had over 100 fights in the suit now, and lost every one of them, many against smaller woman and young people with normally less aggression and strength. The training that the adrenal stress methodology allows us to put them through is probably the most powerful self defense training that they could undertake without going to the extent of getting into actual fights.

When the participants fire up during the adrenal response and breakthrough the tendency of people to freeze up they exhibit incredible strength and will to survive. They undergo amazing breakthroughs in their emotional makeup and become empowered in all aspects of their life.

The F.A.S.T. training methodology, developed by Bill Kipp, develops the conditioning that overcomes the freeze response so often encountered when normally good mannered people are subjected to an encounter with a thug that wants to harm them. At my Academy I have made it part of a 6 hour workshop in which I also incorporate NLP/Neurosemantic strategies to empower the participants.

I would urge anyone who has an interest in learning self defense to insure that the course they undertake addresses and conditions them for the adrenal stress response. I would also recommend to those who have already learned a self defense program if it did not include adrenal stress conditioning then find a course that prepares them for it; otherwise those great self defense moves you thought you learned will be totally useless when you need them as you won’t be able to perform them!

In addition if you’re looking for a no nonsense book on useful street self defense methods check out my “No B.S. Street-fighting and Self Defense Guide” by clicking here.