November 2006

Tips on Armbar from Guard - Quick tips by John Will & David Meyer

Hi everyone

I just picked John from the airport and I thought before we head off to train at the Academy I'd post a quick video of John and Dave giving some tips on armbars from Closed Guard, Enjoy


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Knife Defence Worksop with Ray Floro

Hi Everyone

I have just returned from a very enlightening workshop on Ray Floro's approach to defence against the knife.

My good friend and BJJ coach John (Will)had brought Ray over to teach the NZ Police Ray's approach to knife defence and I was given the opportunity to assist.

Ray began the workshop with a frightening reality check for all participants on just what can be used as weapons and how lethal any bladed weapon is. This was demonstrated extremely graphically on a large chunk of topside beef hung from a rope, from a 6inch wide, 3inch deep gash with a craft knife to what would have been the equivalent of decapitation with a small shovel that some of us take with us on a tramp.

We were then instructed in a very systematic manner, for which I was the crash dummy, in Ray's structure based method of dealing with the knife with and without a weapon of your own.

The maxim "Keep it Simple Stupid" was strictly adhered to by using strategies of crashing, with cover, to the grappling position to control the knife arm or striking the weapon arm then launching striking attacks to bring the opponent down, depending on the situation.

I came away from the experience with a wealth of new ideas and a very robust methodology for dealing with the knife that I feel I can use and also instruct my students in, should the need arise.

Some of this methodology will be included in the upcoming Knife-fighting workshop at the Academy of Combat, on Dec 2.

Till next time

Regards Geoff

For more information on Ray's approach you should check out his web-site


Hi Everyone

As an insatiable "knowledge-aholic" I continually gather information about the things of the world that interest me. In this age we live in, referred to by observers of such things as "The Information Age", the acquisition of new information has been made extremely easy.

This situation, while extremely good for progress in all disciplines and endeavours, can present problems if not managed correctly. As the years of passionately learning and training in martial arts go on I find myself gathering greater amounts of knowledge of the different approaches that peoples all around the world have taken to one of man's greatest pastimes - fighting each other.

As I integrate some of these approaches into my training and curriculums so that my students can also develop in their learning I have found from time to time that the knowledge base gets quite large and overwhelming.

On careful analysis of the curriculums at the Academy I have come to find that I tend to hold onto many techniques unnecessarily (an unwillingness to let go of knowledge that I have passionately acquired)even after they have been superseded by more superior and efficient methods. This has led me to search out and develop a process by which I can weed out the things that have been made redundant.

I have found an excellent thesis on this process in the work of a very innovative thinker, writer and developer that has inspired my own thinking for a long time; Edward Debono.

Edwards book entitled "Simplicity: An elegant and powerful business concept" provides a great guide to help develop the attitude of seeking efficiency through simplicity, I highly recommend it for any one interested in developing systems of optimal performance.

Till next time here is a short clip of a great self-defence technique starring 2 of my students Scott and Adam. Download cover_to_choke.wmv

Regards Geoff