October 2014

Self defense training – the problem with one-off courses.

Self defence courses are offered throughout the world in various forms, but one of the most dominant features of the majority of these courses is that they are offered either as a one off or short term course with only a few hours content. In addition, they are almost always technique intensive. The better courses also provide good knowledge of theory and principles that will increase the student’s awareness. However, the majority are packaged courses put together with a commercial interest in mind and, in my experience are practically useless for real self defence.

While the intentions of the teacher may be honest and good, the value of these courses is highly questionable.

  1. The complexity of the techniques is too great for short term implementation by anyone.

  2. There is little or no attention paid to the adrenal stress response.

  3. The amount of drilling and repetition required to cement the techniques into the unconscious mind is very high and cannot be obtained in short term courses.

  4. More often than not the techniques are too specific for body types and not tailored for particular individuals.

  5. There is very little opportunity for the development or use of power in the execution of the techniques

Self defence training should be undertaken on a regular basis with quality drilling of economically efficient techniques that can be practiced, at some point, with as close to full contact that can be safely applied and under adrenal stress response conditions.

Therefore if you want to learn effective self defence that you can use, you need to train on a regular consistent basis so that the techniques and responses are efficient and automatic. Part of the training must include technique power development and adrenal stress response training. In addition, regular environmental awareness, technique application and response training should be performed in different scenarios and against different attackers.