February 2007

Dragon meta-states and the Butterfly Effect

Hi Everybody

It is a long time since I last posted, time during which I have studied and completed my Master Practitioners Certification in Neurosemantics and NLP.

The experience provided me with tools to explore the meta states and frames of not only my own mind-body but also assist others to explore theirs. During the course I had the opportunity of being coached by one of the finest Neurosemantics coaches that I know, Colin Cox, through a particular difficulty with my belief system that has plagued me for years. It was a fantastic and very educational session as the session was videoed so that the people at the training could model Colin (as coach) as a modeling project. Actually being able to analyze the process from a third position after having experienced being the first position subject was an interesting and very rewarding adventure. It also added a new dimension to the modeling project for me.

One of the most profound experiences following this coaching has been the realization that following the battle, that raged for about an hour, and defeat of the particular problem (Dragon state) there has been effects on a wide range of aspects of my thinking and experience of the world. This experience reminds me of the film "The Butterfly Effect"; based on the premise that a small action will have far reaching consequences that result from all of the interactions that they ultimately bring about. A effect that can be seen in all aspects of our existence from the personal to the global and universal.

If you have not seen this movie you may wish to consider it next time you're looking for inspiration and have some time to spare. Highly recomended!

I leave you with one of my favourite Neurosemantic presuppositions to ponder on and be sure and check out Colin and Lena's Neorsemantic site at www.ignition.org.nz

"Our map is not the territory; it is but a map, a symbolic representation of the territory".

And be sure and stay posted for some upcoming Thaiboxing, BJJ, MMA and weapons video clips.