December 2006


Hi Everyone Following several requests from my students asking for the details of the visualisation techniques that I use, I decided to make the subject of this post. As you may already know one of the most essential tools for developing a new skill, or improving on an existing skill, is the methodology of visualization, ie: running a movie in your mind of you performing a skill at ever increasing levels of ability and/or achieving a particular goal. A method that I use and teach my students is a modification of the New Behaviour Generator Pattern(The Sourcebook of Magic. Hall L.M., 2004)found in neuro semantics and NLP. Step 1: In preparation to running the pattern I set up an anchor for an amplified state of success and achievement. Step 2: I then access the details of the particular skill as I direct my eyes toward my audio digital VAK access position. At first I access only a few essential details of position and movement. Step 3: Once I have the details of the particular skill I then play a movie over in my head watching myself, from a second dissociated position, perform the skill slowly at first. This is done with my eyes directed toward my visual construct VAK access position. I play the movie over several times amplifying the particular meta- modalities (sub-modalities)that increase the intensity of the experience. Step 4: Once I have a clear movie running I step into and associate with the movie, at which time I direct my eyes toward my kinaesthetic VAK position. I run through the manoeuvers several times, amplifying the particular meta-modalities that increase the experience, and then trigger the amplified state of success and achievement set up prior to running the pattern. Step 5: I then repeat the pattern beginning at the audio digital position, however, chunking down to access more of the detail required for the particular skill or goal. I normally repeat the cycle 3-5 times in any session amplifying up the particular meta-modalities as I go through the cycles. I trust you'll enjoy playing with this technique, have fun. 'til next time Regards Geoff