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Free Samples from the Mastering The Danger Zone DVD series.

Close Covers

Just click on "Cover Close" here to download the file of the same name.You may need to download a DivX player to view this file as it was very large when I created it and had to compress it with DivX for download. You can get a free download of DivX here.

The technique demonstrated is a general cover used to crash an opponents attack.  The initial closing period in a fight is one of the most dangerous times when a well-placed hit or lucky shot can that determine the outcome.

By utilising a well structured cover and entry posture we can reduce the chances of being hit effectively and increase the probability of closing to an advantageous position.  This technique demonstrated, the "Cage Cover", provides us with a simple and effective means to accomplish the initial close so that we can mount a decisive counter-attack.

Here we have illustrated it with a simulated flurry attack.  In training we use straight punches or circular punches executed in both formal boxing combinations and wild street-fighting swings and flurries.

The counter-attack demonstrated is a simple, fast and effective elbow, combination used when the opponent is driven into a wall, cage fence or even up against a car(some form of barrier}, depending on the situation that it is being used in. It could then be further followed up with knees, leg kicks or stomps. 

Training tips:

(1)    Always train at a slow pace to begin with, then gradually increase the speed and level of risk.

(2)    Use only 50% power to start with increasing the level of force as you and your training partner become more proficient .

(3)    Ensure that you have a good pair of MMA or boxing gloves to maximise safety during training.  Remember injuries reduce training time.

(4)    Train the method (a) with the opponent coming forward to attack you and (b) you going forward into the opponents attack.

(5)    Use the technique transitionally,i.e. don't put the cover in place before your opponent attacks or before you go towards the opponent; do it as the opponent attacks or as you enter their striking zone.

We also encourage you to implement and experiment , as the real fight situation is a very dynamic and chaotic event.

By using a general, structure based, high success probability technique, such as this, you will greatly increase your chances of closing effectively on your opponent.

Practise safely!

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Switch Blitz Step

This video features a very fast and powerful technique for "bridging the gap" from an offensive stand-point. Here we take the initiative and execute the pre-emptive strike.

Down load the clip Switch Blitz Step here and watch it several times to get an understanding of how it works.

Train it slowly at first gradually increasing the speed over several repetitions.

We suggest the following format:

7 repetitions at slow speed, concentrating on the correct performance of the technique with correct biomechanics.

7 repetitions at medium speed, still working on the correct execution but also working on developing flow and the ability to perform the move more unconsciously.

7 repetitions fast, at fight speed, here we concentrate more on developing the speed and power that we would use in the actual application of the technique.

Once you have the technique down start training it on the pads and bag and then introduce it into sparring.

I trust you have enjoyed these great techniques and they have given you some skills that will improve your fight game and if you haven't already done so be sure and check out the complete "Mastering the Danger Zone" DVD series here.
You can read an online video  site  review of the series here at

It is chock full of cutting edge fighting techniques that wil put you at the top of your game and give you the ability and confidence to handle any combat situation whether in the cage or on the street.

And always remember train hard and safely!

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