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Street Self Defence

The Academy of Combat's Reality Based Self Defence System trains you to master your fears when facing the real threat of an attacker or mugger and respond, if necessary, with a fierce, powerful and focused attack. Practical and proven street effective self defence that you can count on. We offer the best and most practical street self defence in Christchurch.

Our next Street Self Defence will have a confirmed date soon. Read about it and how to register here, or enquire at reception for details. We are now offering these programs to corporate, school and other group organizations. If you are interested please ring Academy of Combat Mixed Martial Arts Ltd, Christchurch, Ph (03)377 6350.

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Below is a video of a Street Self Defence Course which was held on Sunday the 30th of August 2009. We were very fortunate to have a great group of students participating who were fully supportive of each other and left feeling very empowered with what they had learned. For further thoughts on the day check out Chief's blog. For videos of our previous Street Self Defence Courses check out our Street Self Defence gallery page.




Incorporating Adrenal Stress Conditioning and Accelerated Skill Acquisition Program

Bullet Man 005

Looking like some giant alien from a far off planet the Bullet Man cuts an imposing silhouette and takes you into the deepest reaches of your mind. However, for the man inside it offers a geat deal of protection and allows him to take full head and groin strikes so that the trainees get the most realistic practice using strikes and techniques that have the greatest chance of working for them in a real threat situation.

Hornets Nest

The Aussie (and one Kiwi) Bullet Men preparing to attack.

Vince And Geoff

A very good mate and fellow BJJ Black Belt, Vince Perry from the Sunshine Coast.

Bullet Man 001

Geoff with Bill Kipp and Debra the great people behind the FAST Defence program