Knife Fighting Workshop

Learn How to Defend  Yourself Against a Deadly Knife
Attack... In 2 Hours or Less

Knives are the most common weapon used in an armed attack in New Zealand where gun ownership is responsibly controlled.

Knife Fighting Workshop

In fact, crime statistics just released show a marked increase in the numbers of people carrying knives, screw drivers and chisels- all capable of killing or seriously maiming you.


As a result of this deadly trend and in response to the numerous inquiries and concerns Dr Geoff Aitken, chief instructor at the Academy of Combat has put together a practical, efficient and robust knife and edged weapons defence workshop that the average person can learn and implement quickly.

Normally taught at his acclaimed martial arts school, the Academy of Combat Mixed Martial Arts, this course is being offered for the first time to people outside the school and members of the public who want to learn how to handle this potentially horrific situation.

In this 3 hour intensive training workshop Geoff shares his extensive knowledge and experience with weapons based Philipino fighting systems together with lessons learned from Mr Ray Floro (Floro Fighting Systems), considered one of the finest and most knowledgeable knife experts in the world.

Geoff had the privilege of learning from and assisting Ray at a workshop taught at the NZ Police Academy to Team Police Units, Military Police, Fisheries Officers and Police Special Tactics Units.

As you have probably already realized this workshop will be a must attend for any serious martial artist, security industry worker or law abiding citizen who has concerns and just wants to learn to look to protect themselves and loved ones should the need arise.

The skills that you will learn at this workshop will provide you with skills that will give you the greatest chance of defending yourself if threatened by a knife or any edged weapon (broken bottle, screwdriver) and may even save your life!

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The date for the next Knife Fighting Workshop will be announced soon.

Group, organisation and corporate training inquiries are welcome…just call

(03) 377 6350  to guarantee your place or

arrange an appointment to discuss your needs


…and if you feel that you haven't learned effective self-defence skills following this training we'll refund your money in full.

P.S. Weguarantee that the information and tactics you will learn will greatly enhance your chance of surviving an attack by an aggressor with an edged weapon.