The Team


Team Geoff 1   leonie burrows mma gym owner
Dr Geoff Aitken.Ph.D.
Founder, Director and Chief Instructor
  Leonie Burrows
Director & Chief Executive Officer
40 years experience training martial arts. Geoff is one of the most highly qualified and experienced martial arts instructors in New Zealand.
He has taught students from all walks of life for over 35 years, and still trains and teaches everyday.
  • 6th degree Black Belt in Freestyle martial arts
  • 2nd degree BJJ black belt , Will/Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Coaches: John Will, 4th degree BJJ black belt; Rigan Machado, 8th degree BJJ Red & Black Belt)
  • Thailand trained and certified Muay Thai trainer, referee and Judge with over 29 years experience, training and teaching Thai boxing.
  • Certified Adrenal Stress Conditioning Self Defense trainer.
  • Former South Island Kickboxing Heavy-weight champion
  • Former NZ Jiu Jitsu champion.
  • Certified advanced coaching certificate with Coaching NZ.
  • Pioneered kickboxing and Muay Thai in The South Island of NZ, opening the first kickboxing schools and promoting the first Kickboxing & Muay Thai competition fights in the South island
  • Pioneered BJJ in NZ, starting the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school in 1996
  • Pioneered MMA in NZ, starting the first MMA school in 1994, and promoting the first MMA fight in August, 1996
Formerly working as a research scientist in the field of molecular biology he now teaches martial arts full time.
Geoff is also a certified NLP/Neurosemantics Trainer which allows him to assist people in
developing their mental game as well more...
  Leonie has a science background with a B.Sc. and worked as a research scientist. She is a NLP/Neurosemantics practitioner, has 10yrs experience working with community groups/committees, business owner and has managed the Academy since it's conception in 1994. Has worked tirelessly to develop the Academy and promote Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA in Christchurch. Co-promoted the first MMA fight in NZ.


mark wowk bjj brown belt   tony lafrentz christchurch martial arts coach   tim freeman brazilian jiu jitsu coach
 Mark Wowk
 2IC & IT Manager
   Tony Lafrentz
Maintenance Manager 
  Tim Freeman
Operations Manager  
MMA Black Patch
BJJ Black Belt
Thai Boxing Orange Patch

Mark teaches BJJ, MMA and kids martial arts classes.

Free Style Martial Arts/Weaponry Black Belt 1st Degree

Tony coaches the Freestyle Martial Arts/Weaponry class.

  BJJ Purple Belt
MMA Purple Patch
Thai Boxing Purple Patch

Tim instructs fundamental MMA, BJJ and Thai Boxing. 


Paul%20spang Weaponry%20coach   Jeremy%20murphy Mma%20gym%20instructor   kickboxing classes coach   kickboxing classes coach   kickboxing classes coach   teacher of jiu jitsu classes
Paul Spang
Freestyle Martial Arts Instructor
  Jeremy Murphy
MMA Instructor

  Alf Walker
Thai Boxing Instructor
  Aaron Hamilton
Thai Boxing Instructor

 Des Smith
Thai Boxing Instructor

  Simon McCormack Thai Kickboxing & Fitness Instructor
learn muay thai techniques   premier martial arts coach   mma gym receptionist   martial arts receptionsts   kids martial arts coach   martial arts academy coach
Ben Hobson
Thai Boxing Instructor
  Brodie Spang
Kids Martial Arts Instructor
  Tara Moore
Reception Manager
  Georgina Price
  Tarla Rall
Kids Martial Arts Instructor
  Nikita Gorun
Kids Martial Arts Instructor
martial arts academy instructor   martial arts academy instructor                
Keegan Spang
Kids Martial Arts Instructor
  Shaun Brosnan
Thai Boxing & MMA Instructor